Our Top Ten Gifts for Romantics

Valentine’s Day is a time for expressing your love for another person, and whether romantic or not, the sentiment should not be lost in the pressure of finding the perfect gift - so we’ve compiled ten ways to win someone’s heart, helping you navigate this special moment.

Recycled Kadais with High and Low Stands

A sure-fire winner, a firepit is useful year-round, from snuggling up on a cold winter’s night, toasting marshmallows with a blanket on your knee, to socialising with friends and cooking outside come summer.  Thoughtful and unusual, it is a gift that will continue to inflame passions well into the future.

Love Lobster

Who could resist this little chap? Crafted by hand in Dorset, the chocolate is exquisite, made by renowned chocolatiers Chococo and a 2023 Gold Great Taste Award winner. Lobsters are the perfect symbol of love, especially if you’re a fan of ‘Friends’. Better still, they are also available in plant-based milk and plant-based dark chocolate versions.

Monstera Deliciosa

The young leaves on a British grown Monstera houseplant do bear some resemblance to a heart shape, making this the perfect gift for someone who appreciates a less obvious romantic flourish.  After all, there is nothing more heart warming than a living gift.

Heart Kubu Basket

A heart is the traditional symbol for love, so imaginatively fill this one with goodies for your loved one. Not only will they appreciate the effort, but they can use the basket afterwards for storage, and will think of you every time they drop off their keys or select an apple from its wicker embrace.

Jellycat Bashful Bunny with Red Love Heart

A soft, white, cuddly bunny bearing a heart that requires no introduction.

Dahlia ‘My Love’ Tubers

Sometimes actions speak louder than words. So instead of just giving these tubers to a loved one, go the extra mile and plant them too. By the summer, your love will have grown into a wonderful white flower, and you’ll have earnt lots of brownie points for effort.

Esplosivo Chilli Sauce

Ignite the flames with some hot spice. Perfect for elevating pulse rates or kickstarting a relationship, this chilli sauce has many uses, from elevating the humble cheese sandwich to adding piquancy to grilled meats or fish.

Oak Heart Shaped Cheese Board

Incredibly useful in any home, this heart shaped cheeseboard is the ideal size for a cosy night à deux, or a romantic picnic. Simply add cheese or some charcuterie and serve with love.

Cercis Hearts of Gold

The most beautiful shrub, bearing heart-shaped leaves and beautiful pink flowers in spring - this is a gift that will get any gardener’s heart racing. Nurture this shrub as you do your loved one and it will thrive.

A Cloud A Day, Gavin Pretor-Pinney

A chance to gift someone a romantic pause and literary 'look up' at the heavens, ready to bask in the ephemeral beauty of cloud formations. This marvellous book indulges the reader in beautiful colour photographs of 265 skies from around the world, taking you on a journey through otherworldly cloud formations, accompanied by text, poetry and scientific facts.