Trees for The King

Burford Garden Company
‘A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they shall never sit.’

The concept of such selflessness in relation to the future of the natural world is something most of us aspire to and planting a tree to mark the coronation is a joyous way to honour a King, whose passion for gardening and especially trees, is well known.

Planting trees is one of the most rewarding tasks that a gardener, young or old, can undertake. Doing so requires a degree of imagination, in terms of finding the right site; it needs optimism, while the tree establishes itself, and patience because a sapling may take time to reveal its true glory. But glorious they are, and articulate in marking any occasion, which ever tree you choose, whether a Japanese Acer with its elegant, colour-changing foliage, a Magnolia with its exotic, other worldly blooms, or a Crab Apple tree with its sprays of blossom and bright fruits.

Some trees, without having to be of great stature, have instant architectural impact, for example a standard Mediterranean Olive placed in a sheltered courtyard, topiary - whether Resistant Box or Yew - punctuating a formal garden, or clipped Laurels standing sentinel, like guardsman either side of a doorway.

For those with larger gardens or choosing for public land, larger, stately trees can be planted in accordance with the ideals of the Greek proverb above. Majestic Giant Redwoods and Cedars of Lebanon can be planted now with the reassuring knowledge that they will improve the environment and give extraordinary pleasure for decades and centuries to come.

So, whether it is to herald a new King, celebrate an anniversary, or simply to send love, plant a tree!

Whilst we are able to share some of our varieties of trees on our website, to see all the varieties and the larger species, it is well worth paying us a visit. We have venerable espalier Apple and Pear trees, mature Quinces, and Columnar Hornbeam alongside parasol trained Mulberries, fagiolate Junipers and so many more.