Cercis Hearts of Gold

Cercis Hearts of Gold


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Cercis Hearts of Gold is a remarkably handsome shrub, valued for delightfully pretty pink flowers that cluster along bare stems in spring, followed by large and superbly, heart-shaped leaves which emerge a warm orange/red in spring, mature to gold and yellow throughout the summer before turning lime green in autumn.


The name Cercis comes from the Greek word Kerkis referring to the shuttle used by weavers, which is the same shape as the seed pods produced by the Cercis. It is sensible to place this shrub at the back of the border due to its size but it is worth considering how beautiful the leaves are if backlit by the sun.

  • Flowers: Early spring
  • Hardy
  • All moist, fertile, well drained soil types
  • East, South or West facing
  • Full sun

Prune gently if necessary in late spring early summer