Acer Palmatum Black Lace
Acer Palmatum Black Lace
Japanese Maple

Acer Palmatum Black Lace


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So redolent of Oriental elegance, acers provide a delicate beauty in so many gardens, with its feathery, chameleon-like foliage. With an upright habit, the deciduous Acer Palmatum Black Lace has deeply incised leaves that divide into five lobes, so typical of maples. The deep purple foliage colour of early summer takes on a bronze tone as the season matures turning orange red in the autumn.


This acer, also known as a Japanese Maple, is perfect for a small or courtyard garden and can be grown in a large container. They do need a sheltered position where their delicate foliage can dance on the breeze and have some protection from the elements.

  • Flowers: June - July followed by winged fruits
  • Hardy
  • All moist, well drained soil types
  • East, North or West facing
  • Full sun or partial sunlight
  • Sheltered
  • Prune back unwanted branches in autumn.
  • Acers need protection from wind and harsh frost so enjoy a sheltered position.
  • Leaf colour is best in partial sunlight.
  • They can show signs of scorching in extremely hot conditions so ensure the soil does not completely dry out in hot weather.