Begonia Maculata
Begonia Maculata
Polka Dot Begonia

Begonia foliage Maculata

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Unique in its structure and pattern, the Begonia maculata bears deep green, heart shaped leaves with bold, silver spots and rich red undersides. In the summer, delicate, orchid-like clusters of small white or pink flowers bloom.

The Begonia maculata is a ‘cane’ begonia, which means that it has upright stems that have different segments, like a bamboo cane.

  • Pot Size: 14cm
  • Height and Spread: Up to H: 1 ½ ft, W: 2ft
  • Position: Indirect Sunlight
  • Soil: Use a well draining, aerated potting mix.
  • All Begonia are toxic to humans and pets if ingested
  • Please note, the terracotta pot cover featured is not included
Plant Care

Native to Brazilian rainforests, the secret to keeping your Begonia thriving is to mimic these rainforest conditions by providing it with equal measures of warmth, humidity, and bright, indirect light.

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