Empathy Bulb Starter

Bulb Starter with Mycorrhizal Fungi

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Bulbs offer colour and interest in the garden from spring through to winter, and this biologically active bulb starter with rootgrow™ mycorrhizal fungi gives them a head start. The mycorrhizal fungi quickly establishes a vast secondary root system that delivers extra nutrients and water to the plant. Designed to promote strong healthy growth and improved, prolonged flowering, this bag will treat up to 50 bulbs. 


Bulb starter contains seaweed meal, which contains a source of natural auxins that stimulate root development, vermiculite to improve drainage and soil aeration, and natural humates, which contain organic acids which help to build highly fertile soil.

Details & Care
  • Peat free
  • Place bulb starter into the base of the planting hole, backfill and water.
  • Use 5-10g for small bulbs or corms, 10-20g for large bulbs or tubers. One palm full is approximately 10g.