Didymochlaena Truncatula
Didymochlaena Truncatula
Tree Maidenhair Fern

Didymochlaena Truncatula

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Reminiscent of the maidenhair tree Ginkgo biloba, the magnificent Mahogany Fern is an evergreen with long fronds, which are divided into wedge-shaped leaflets that are tinged red when young. As they mature, their mauve shade turns to a luscious, deep green, accentuating the striking aesthetic of this beautiful plant.

Didymochlaena truncatula was first penned by John Smith in 1841, using the Greek words, didymos and chlaina to reference the twinned-cloak structure of the frond's shape. 'Truncatula' can be translated to mean 'truncations' that refers to the leaflet's jagged edges.

  • Pot size: 17cm (7in)
  • Height and Spread: Up to H: 2ft / W: 3ft
  • Soil: Use a well draining, aerated potting soil mix.
  • Position: Indirect sunlight
  • Please note, the terracotta pot cover featured is not included
Plant Care:

Trunculata’s like temperatures between 12° to 26°. A real jungle plant, this fern does not like direct sunlight, and thrives off high humidity. To increase humidity, try grouping plants together, or misting regularly. Keep the soil moist but be cautious not to overwater.

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