Pinus mugo Golden Glow
Pinus mugo Golden Glow
Dwarf Mountain Pine

Pinus mugo Golden Glow

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Pinus mugo Golden Glow provides not only striking winter colour, due to the long, tinted needles that turn golden in autumn and become more exaggerated with the cold, but also attractive orange/yellow buds that arrive in the winter.


Ideal as a container specimen or planted in a sunny border to add interest, particularly in the winter, this colourful and elegant variety of Dwarf Mountain Pine is robust, restrained in habit and will not overtake its neighbours in the garden. Perfect for rock gardens.

  • Buds: Winter
  • Hardy
  • All soil types
  • South or West aspect
  • Full sun to accentuate colour change
  • Sheltered
  • As Mugo pines have a root system close to the surface, a layer of much will help to keep roots cool during summer.
  • Container plants will need to be overwintered for the same reason as their roots need protecting during harsh winter conditions.