Pittosporum tenufolium Elizabeth
Pittosporum tenufolium Elizabeth

Pittosporum tenufolium Elizabeth

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Plant Pittosporum tenufolium Elizabeth towards the back of a mixed border or as decorative, year-round screening. The variegated foliage offers an attractive foil for herbaceous flowers in the summer and is pretty in the winter, when the leaf tips take on a charming pink blush.


This delightful evergreen shrub, which can also be used for screening, originates in New Zealand, where the Maori name for Pittosporum tenufolium is ‘kohuhu’ or ‘tawhiwhi’. It is a favourite with florists who value the leathery foliage as a good accompaniment for different varieties of cut flowers.


Tiny, deep purple flowers appear at the end of the leaf shoots in May-June, they are insignificant but pleasantly honey scented and attract native pollinators, particularly bees.

  • Well drained soil
  • South, west and east facing
  • Full sun, partial shade
  • Sheltered

Position in a sunny, protected position, this evergreen is intolerant of frost and cold wind. Requires little pruning but if a gentle trim is needed to shape, do so in late spring and follow with a mulch.


Honey scented flowers