Franchi Sweetcorn 'Mais Zuccherino' Seeds

Sweetcorn 'Mais Zuccherino' Seeds



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With a name that translates as ‘Sugary’, this sweetcorn certainly lives up to its moniker. A heritage variety, it is a strong and productive mid-early plant reaching a height of up to 180cm. Harvest the sweet cobs before they are fully ripe.

Franchi, established in 1783, is the oldest family-run seed company in the world. It specialises in endangered and heritage vegetable varieties, inspiring growers to support biodiversity by planting something slightly different from the mainstream.

  • Sow: April - June
  • Harvest: August- November
Details & Care
  • Recyclable packet
  • Horticultural name: Zea mays L. (Partim)