The Paper Christmas Tablescape

Christmas Table

This time of the year embraces the concept of sharing and caring, of creating a warm and welcoming festive setting in which to entertain friends and family. Dining proves a convivial time to get together and so the table becomes the focal point for the gathering.

The mood of the occasion will dictate the space you need.

Is it an intimate dinner with friends or traditional Christmas lunch with all the family? Look at existing decorations in the home - do you have a colour or theme running through these? Is there a centrepiece, either ornamental or floral, that will drive your design?

Christmas Table
Christmas Table
Dress the Table

Once you have decided upon your colour palette you can start layering the table. Begin with a tablecloth- either fine linen which serves as a neutral backdrop or a patterned, punchy print that adds a touch of decadence to the design. You may want to dress the table with placemats and napkins that complement or contrast with this background. The latter can be tied with opulent velvet ribbon or rustic twine and finished with a sprig of rosemary or dried eucalyptus for a memorable touch.

Add the sparkle

Candlelight casts a warm, flattering glow and lends a timeless ambient quality. The flickering flames help guests relax but avoid using fragranced candles at the table. Fairy lights also have the same effect and give a shimmering touch of festivity to any setting, so drape them around a tree, through some branches on the table or around the room.

Christmas Table, Lighting the Candles
Final flourishes

Crackers are a must for a Christmas setting and can be found in an array of colours and designs; you may want to add personalised place settings (a named tag tied to a nutcracker for example or tucked in a jingle bell) or even some ornaments. A selection of sustainable paper trees in complementing colours is a simple and effective accessory. Botanical arrangements, which don’t need to cost a fortune (foraged pinecones or some evergreens for example), or pomegranate fruit, can also give the table a sense of identity and tie into a natural theme. Don’t forget height and scale- hanging paper stars above the table is an innovative way of adding dramatic impact while allowing for extra surface space on the table itself.

Christmas Table, placing the crackers
Christmas Table
Keep it simple

Sometimes the simple things are the most effective - exercise restraint! Try not to overcrowd the table, your guests will want to see each other, and you’ll need space for the food. Invest in items that can be used at other times of the year and let your personality shine through!

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