The English Garden
The English Garden
Ursula Buchan, photographs by Andrew Lawson

The English Garden



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In The English Garden, horticultural writer Ursula Buchan takes us on a delightful tour through the history of the classic gardens. Combining forces with garden photographer Andrew Lawson, they explore the English garden and capture its richness and diversity.


Ursula explains the past trends and the work of garden makers that have formed the English gardens we experience today. With a wealth of outstanding examples, illustrated with more than 350 photographs, she describes many garden styles, themes, elements, and influences. Future visits to these gardens will be illuminated richly by this book.

  • Hardback with dust jacket
  • Extent: 320 pages
  • ISBN-10: 0711239169, ISBN-13: 978-0711239166
  • Revised edition, 2017