David Austin Desdemona Rose
David Austin Desdemona Rose

Rosa Desdemona®


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Rootgrow Mycorrhizal Fungi, 60g
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Flowering twice a season, Rosa Desdemona (Auskindling) produces numerous peach tinted buds which open into chalice shaped blooms, bursting with inwardly curved petals. This robust English shrub rose is bushy with a neat, rounded form, making it perfect for a border or planting in a large container.

Please note, our roses are available to purchase all year round, so depending on the time of year your rose may either arrive in bloom or have been pruned or deadheaded appropriately for the season.


The David Austin nursery has been breeding English roses for decades, the roses often named after literary characters, as here, Shakespeare’s heroine from Othello. Pure as the driven snow and wonderfully scented, this rose superbly reflects Desdemona who, despite her honesty and fidelity, was overwhelmed by fate, antagonistic Iago, and her husband, Othello’s, jealousy.

  • English shrub rose grown for flowers and scent
  • Flowering period: repeat, from late spring to first frost
  • Fully hardy
  • Classic plant for herbaceous border, small gardens, and containers
  • Enriched, well-drained soil
  • Any aspect
  • Full sun or partial shade
  • Exposed or sheltered

Dig a hole larger than the root ball and loosen surrounding soil, sprinkle with Mycorrhizal Fungi to promote root growth, position rose, infill and water well. Deadhead spent blooms to promote new buds. Please see our Rose pruning guide - Shrub rose


Fragrant, strong old rose scent with hints of almond blossom and lemon zest