Seggiano Chocolate Panettone

Chocolate Panettone



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Any panettone that is handmade and takes 36 hours to make is going to be something special. This chocolate panettone is made in small batches by an artisan baker in Italy, using organic eggs and butter, a 40-year-old mother yeast, local acacia honey and quality dark chocolate, without any of the chemical nasties often found in industrial cakes. The result is light, fluffy and delicious with all the authentic flavour of a true Italian dolci. 

A panettone is a traditional Italian leavened bread but is generally enjoyed as a cake. Confused? Don’t worry- just indulge in its soft, lofty rise, either freshy sliced or toasted. It’s wonderfully versatile and can be enjoyed as the Italians do, as a breakfast treat alongside a strong espresso or served warm with stewed fruit. Seggiano is renowned for using only high-quality ingredients with no industrial additives and minimal heat processing to produce the most delicious range of authentic Italian food.

Details & Care
  • Handmade in Italy
  • It may contain traces of nuts and sesame.
  • Store in a cool, dry place. Once opened, reseal the packet to maintain freshness and eat within two weeks.