David Austin Princess Louise Rose
Rosa Princess Louise

Rosa Princess Louise


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Growing to magnificent size, Rosa Princess Louise is extremely elegant with a pliable habit that makes it easier to trained up trees, pergolas or over fences. Flowering once a season, it offers an impressive display of pink buds that open into medium sized blooms packed with blush pink petals which mature into white. The foliage is a vibrant matt green. Image courtesy of David Austin Roses.

Please note, our roses are available to purchase all year round, so depending on the time of year your rose may either arrive in bloom or have been pruned or deadheaded appropriately for the season.


This impressive rose was introduced in 1828 by Antoine Jacques, a renowned French gardener and rose breeder who rose to fame having been drawn to the attention of Napoleon. Later he became head gardener to the Duke of Orleans. He spent a lifetime successfully collecting, growing and trading plants.

  • English shrub rose grown for flowers and scent
  • Large rose
  • Flowering period: July onwards
  • Fully hardy
  • Classic plant for large gardens
  • Enriched, well-drained soil
  • East, south, west facing
  • Full sun or partial shade
  • Exposed or sheltered

Dig a hole larger than the root ball and loosen surrounding soil, sprinkle with Mycorrhizal Fungi to promote root growth, position rose, infill and water well. Please see our Rose pruning guide - Rambling rose


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